About Us

eZoo is a lifestyle hub focused on the expansion of all things creative. From music and art classes to street events, we here at eZoo want to use our unique position in this industry to help guide, provide and support individuals who wish to pursue their artistic hopes and dreams. We believe in nurturing all talents to their fullest potential through our diverse range of programmes.

Our educators are responsible, flexible and well-versed in their craft and treat every student as their own individual with different personalities, characters and goals. We focus on bringing out the best from each and every student regardless of what they aspire to be and coach them according to their individual pace. We fundamentally believe in instilling love and passion toward your craft, guiding and nurturing you at your own pace.

eZoo is a family that grows together, we support one another to ultimately strive for greatness.


To provide a platform for creativity for all who wish to pursue the arts.


To be the leading enrichment brand that is synonymous to creative thinking, doing things out of the box and be at the forefront of change.